Welcome to the new Everything on this site has gone from being in my head to a live site within 24 hours because I felt like challenging myself. I decided to go for a "clean" look and just took the easy way out by using every web 2.0 cliche out of sheer laziness. If you're lucky you may get a little AJAX action, but don't count on it.

Everything is coded in CSS and HTML. I have not used any database-run content management scripts. I only be updating the images and sections periodically so it won't be that difficult to keep up with. After deeply getting into WordPress templating and other CMSes for other websites, it was a pleasant change of pace coding such a simple website, as that's all needs. I'll eventually use PHP includes for the header, footer, and menu.

Feel free to browse, click, and poke around my meaningless corner of the internet. This is probably the most useful and well-aimed content that has ever been on this domain since I bought it a few years ago. Happy browsing!

P.S. It probably doesn't validate to W3C standards yet, and most of the links don't work yet. Just bear with it, ok? ;)